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“Lønsom vækst for Vestas” – kontra et skrig om hjælp fra Slovenien

Sådan lyder det i Vestas årsrapport for 2013:
“Vestas har historisk været god til at opnå faste og ubetingede ordrer på
nye vindmøllemarkeder fx i Sydafrika og Sydamerika og vil med afsæt i
sin mangeårige globale tilstedeværelse fortsat opsøge muligheder på
markeder, hvor der forventes fremgang for vindkraft, herunder fx Chile,
Costa Rica, Kenya, Slovenien, Tanzania, Vietnam og Thailand”.
“Global tilstedeværelse”!
Tak skal vi have! Og hvem garanterer for borgernes sundhed? Det må jo være politikerne, der har skabt en lovgivning, der gør det muligt at udbygge vindenergi på disse betingelser, hvem ellers? Hvordan skal vi i Danmark fryde os over Vestas’ eksporteventyr, hvis det gør andre mennesker i verden dybt ulykkelige over deres afmagt? De vil heller ikke miste deres hjem og deres landskab og dyr.
Vi kan gætte os til, at Vestas og konkurrenterne har lettere ved at forcere projekter igennem i de lande, der mangler tradition for borgerprotester og hvor internetforbindelserne er mindre stabile eller slet ikke findes.
Og sådan lyder det i en mail til bl.a. mig fra borgerne i et af de lande, der er ramt af et ødelæggende vindprojekt i Slovenien, som har sendt et SOS råb ud til alle sider:

“In the existing State Environmental Plan of the Republic of Slovenia, in an Act on Nature Protection and Landscape Conservation, the Karst Regional Park is defined as a binding starting point of the Republic of Slovenia, which has to be taken into consideration by all local environmental plans by local municipalties. As a matter of fact, sly withdrawal of the wind turbine power stations on the edge of the planned park or Nature 2000 is neither an honourable nor a cultural act, because it is a well-known fact that influence of low frequency acoustic waves (LFAW) and infrasound spread out from a point at some considerable distance away (more kilometres), and birds and people as well never stop on the edges.

There are some people there who are not aware of one fact therefore it is worth warning that the proposal for enlisting ofthe Slovenian Classic Karst to the World Heritage UNESCO List as one of the most genuine and typical examples of the Karst area in the whole world has already been made (see link: http://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/590/). For a proposal to be accepted, only the professional expertises are needed, which will »with the support of wind turbines« definetely not be able to pass the strict requirements of UNESCO, moreover the committee will not be even given an opportunity to get the genuine feelings about what Karst and its typical and genuine nature actually are.

The wind turbines of such a great wind power capacity and extensiveness which they want to set up in Senozeska Brda DO NOT IN ANY WAY REPRESENT GREEN ENERGY:

–          There will be a permanent destruction of our forest of about 400.000 m2 – that means the size of more than 40 football pitches,

–          15.000 m3 of concrete – that means approximately the size of 30 smaller blocks of flats – will remain in our soil forever – even after the removal of wind turbines, after their lifetime is over (20 to 25 years),

–          Due to the instability of wind, wind turbines will not contribute to the lower CO2 emissions,

–          If the wind turbines are set up, we will have to sacrifice the last parts of our genuine nature, which is our treasure, and NOT an obstacle to progress,

–          Gigantic wind farms on vast flat fields or coasts of oceans that can be seen in some other countries are not appropriate for Slovenia and as a consequence they would have a dramatic impact on our small country Slovenia. Therefore they cannot be set up in this small, unique and hererogenous Slovenia,

–          Negative impacts of wind turbines on people and animals have been well-known for a long time, but unfortunately the current legislation and policy of Slovenia is out-of-date


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  1. Katarina Dea Zetko
    19. juni 2014 at 01:21 Svar


    we are fighting a very, very difficult fight against wind factories in our unique Karst region, Slovenia. They plan to set up more than 40 turbines only 800 metres away from peoples homes. Unfortunately, we are on the edge of the Karst region and do not belong to the UNESCO PROTECTION.

    But so far, there is only one wind turbine operating, yet it has already caused so many diseases to the nearby citizens – WIND TURBINE SYNDROM. Not far away there is another one which is not operating. Our legislation is out-of-date and the government won´t listen to us. If somebody has any information of scientists that specialize on low-frequency sound and infrasound and their effects on human beings in official institutins (Government ect…, who are against wind factories officially as official representatives of their land, we would deeply appreciate, if you could send us their names or e-mails. So far I´ve heard of one woman DEPUTY HEALTH COMMISIONER from Ireland that is strictly against it.

    At the end I apologize for not writing in your wonderful language, it find it impossible to write in it, although I must confess that I can undersatand a little bit of it due to my knowledge of German.

    And now the English translation of what our Slovenian representative for energy policy said about Germany (in our land referrence is always made to Germany and Scandinavian countries – oh yeah we want to be like Germany:

    “We examined in particular if the distance of 800 metres from homes constitutes a safe distance. We found out that this distance is an average distance in Germany, where there are more than 35,000 wind turbines. In all those years there have been no side-effects or damage done to any person in Germany due to wind turbines, i. e. not a single person in Germany has experienced any damage.
    We were warned by our experts that at the beginning there was also resistance to wind turbines in Germany which was due to the fear of infrasound noise. Precisely because of these resistance and contradiction a plenty of studies were carried out approximately 20 years ago, which showed the there is no need for fear of any kind and that wind turbine do not endanger the population. This topic was closed so that lately there have been no more studies on this subject. One of the latest studies was made in Denmark (2005). And the results of this studies clearly demonstrate and conclude that the topic »infrasound of wind turbines« has no place in science and no scientific meaning. The following link is to the above mentioned study:
    The local population frequently falls a victim to different interests, which due to their secret goals spread false information about wind energy, just to obtain the opposition and resistance of the local population. There is one well-known example from India, where a nuclear power lobby under the disguise of »independent experts » was strongly against the building of wind turbines in the vicinity of the Indian coast. They succeeded in convincing the local population to be strictly against wind turbines. And a couple of years later nuclear power plants are being built in the same area. There is one person in Slovenia who participates in all public discussions and debates on energetics, where he speaks in favour of building new nuclear power plants in Slovenia, at the same time he strictly rejects wind energy power plants. We were disappointed by the fact that the Local Iniciative against wind turbines was unable to see him for what he was and is and accepted him into this Iniciative as an independent expert.
    I wish you all the best in the hope that our message has set your mind at rest, at least a little and that your fears of supposed dangers have become smaller,
    Dejan Savić,
    Representative for energy policy of Greenpeace, Slovenia

    Best wishes to all of you, to all the victims of wind factories,

    Katarina Dea Zetko,


    Our countryside:


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